Spirits of Speed nuevo distribuidor de Zenvo Automotive en España

Spirits of Speed ​​se enorgullece de anunciar su acuerdo con Zenvo Automotive para distribuir sus modelos de hipercoches Aurora.

Czinger – Revista “Marca”

La revista Marca destaca la marca Czinger Vehicles y su modelo 21C.

Spirits of Speed nuevo concesionario de AC Cars en España

Spirits of Speed se enorgullece en anunciar su acuerdo con AC Cars para distribuir su legendario modelo Cobra.

Czinger Barcelona presenta el Czinger 21C en el Circuit de Barcelona – Spirits of Speed

Czinger Barcelona presenta el Czinger 21C a la prensa y clientes

El Rimac Nevera bate 23 récords en un solo día

El Rimac Nevera establece 23 récords de rendimiento en un solo día.

Koenigsegg CC850 es presentado en Koenigsegg Barcelona – Spirits of Speed

Koenigsegg Barcelona presents the Koenigsegg CC850 to the press


Jesko Odin owner takes delivery of a Pearl White Koenigsegg Regera.

Koenigsegg will open a concession in Barcelona with Spirits of Speed, the current official Rolls-Royce and Rimac concession.

Luxury News

Spirits Of Speed sells in Spain a Koenigsegg Jesko and a Gemera.

Diario Vasco – Rimac C-Two

The producer, which has received its first purchase order in Spain after Covid-19, will deliver the hypercar in approximately one and a half years.

Diario Motor

Koenigsegg lands in Spain with its first official dealer.

Koenigsegg sells its first cars in Spain

The brand of exclusive sports cars Koenigsegg sells its first cars in Spain.

La Vanguardia

Spirits of Speed consolidates in Barcelona with its commitment to the luxury car.

Status – El Economista

Sold in Spain the first Rimac - C Two after the pandemic Covid-19.

El Mundo

Alex Innes, the 'genius of the lamp' from Rolls-Royce.

First Koenigsegg Jesko and Gemera sold in Spain

The distributor for of the Swedish brand, Spirit of Speed (based in Barcelona).

Koenigsegg España, France and Portugal

Spirits of Speed has signed the exclusive dealership agreement with the supercars Swedish Brand Koenigsegg for Spain, France and Portugal.

Press Release Rimac

Spirits of Speed based in Barcelona has signed the exclusive dealership agreement with Rimac Automobili for Spain, France, Italy, and the remaining Mediterranean.

Premium Networking Times

Rolls-Royce announces that it will soon open its first dealership in Barcelona. The luxury and premium market is growing.

Summum- ABC

The first electric Rolls-Royce Motor Cars without a steering wheel or "seams". The Rolls Royce 103EX, known as "Vision Next", has been rolling around the world for three years.

Cars Magazine

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars arrives to Barcelona. The British firm opens its new dealership in Barcelona.

The Luxonomist

The House of Rolls-Royce expands its presence in Spain in what is a sign of the confidence the brand has in the growing demand for luxury goods in the country.

La Sexta Motor

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars expands its presence in Spain with the opening of a new dealership in Barcelona which will include a Bespoke Studio.

Rolls-Royce sees Spain as the «Mecca of luxury»

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars open a dealership in Barcelona.

Press Release Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Barcelona

Spirits of Speed arrive to Barcelona as the only authorized Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealer in Spain.