In which classic cars should you invest on?

It is well known that a well-bought classic vehicle can be a good investment. It is not necessary to buy a vehicle in perfect condition. If you know how to search, you can find vehicles that with a little investment you can bring up to standard, this will allow you to enjoy the experience of driving a classic without losing money when you decide to sell it.

This is a short list of vehicles that are worth keep an eye on, as you can still find them for decent prices.

Mercedes SL (R107)

This model combines elegant design with typical Mercedes reliability, and is ideal for enjoying the roof down, with a good soundtrack in the background without worrying about it devaluating or breaking down.

Golf GTI Mk1

There's not much more to say. THE GOLF. The myth. This model taught us that a sports car can be practical. Or that our hatchback can be fun. Or that a sports car doesn't have to break down every 15 minutes. In this category of vehicles, we found many interesting candidates with classic status (205 GTI, Clio Williams, R5 GT Turbo), so we are sure that with time and patience we will find something that fits what we are looking for.

BMW Z4M Coupe

The Z4M Coupe is one of the latest examples of what an old-fashioned sports car should be; atmospheric, rear-wheel drive, and manual. A vehicle with few kilometres is a good economic investment, but one with more kilometres should not be rejected, as it is still a car that will give us miles of fun, without losing money in the process.

BMW M5 E34

A four-door sedan and at the same time a racing engine. The second generation of M5 followed the original formula, but refined to the maximum. It follows the S38 engine (B36 and B38) attached to 5 and 6 speed gearboxes. ABS. Nothing else. A car to drive. You can still find them at reasonable prices and they are certainly a good option even if they need a little work.

Peugeot 405 MI16

The French M5 E34 (to scale). Above all in pre-restyling it is an angular and attractive model, with good performance and behaviour. Every day there are fewer of them, since they have been scrapped to donate the engine to other models, but it is a car that will surely be revalued for its character and performance. With a little luck we can find the 4x4 version (MI16x4) and with a lot of luck a 405 T16.

This is an example of interesting vehicles that little by little are falling into the oblivion of the general buyer, and in turn enter the radar of the enthusiast. Some will need work, but all will be worth the investment to drive a special car that will not lose value in the immediate future. If you are thinking of restoring your classic car, at Spirits of Speed ​​we will be delighted with a free checkup. More information in our classic car restoration service.