Learn about the history of Renault CaravelleThe Renault Florida or Caravelle was a French stamp produced between 1958 and 1968. Brigitte Bardot was the godmother of this classic and her image is a true icon.

The Caravelle is a small vehicle that included disc brakes on all four wheels, a novelty for a French car. Convertible, rear engine designed by Pietro Frua of the Italian company Carrozeria Ghia. One year after being launched in Europe it was presented in the United States and Canada as Caravelle, the final name.

In 1962 it gained more power with the adaptation of its engine to a 956 cc one that provided more power and, it improved in 1964 with a 1108 cc one with 56 CV of power, derived from the Renault 8.

In 1958, Renault called its new Caravelle “a dream car come true”. Growing up in the 1960s, Lee Richardson certainly fell under its spell. But it took him several decades to realize his dream of owning one.

A beauty that made and still makes more than one person sigh. These days we have been privileged to have this Renault Caravelle at our Spirits Of Speed Classics facilities. Contrary to the normal second-hand car, which is devalued over the years, the rise in prices of classic cars is linked to supply and demand, making some more desirable than others.

The romanticism of classics. This Caravelle is always one of the models considered most desirable and the restoration of classic cars is an alternative investment that is becoming more and more popular. That is why it is very important to have experts who advise you on the purchase and restoration of a classic car.

This vehicle was bought for 4000 Euros and after a complete restoration with an investment of about 10,000 Euros is a good investment. This 100% perfect model and in competition could be valued at over 30,000 euros according to Hagerty’s Ratings.

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