Summer is an exciting time of year, but it can also be challenging for your high-end vehicle. High temperatures, long drives, and intense sun can affect both the performance and appearance of your vehicle. To make sure your prized car is ready to take on the rigors of summer, here are five key tips to keep in mind:


1. Checking the engine cooling system:

Summer can put a strain on your vehicle’s cooling system. Before high temperatures arrive, perform a thorough inspection of the radiator, hoses and thermostat. Make sure there are no leaks, the hoses are in good condition, and the thermostat is working properly to prevent the engine from overheating.

2. Battery inspection:

High summer temperatures can shorten the life of your vehicle’s battery. Use a voltmeter to check the battery’s state of charge and make sure the terminals are clean and securely connected. If the battery shows signs of weakness or is more than three years old, consider replacing it to avoid mishaps during your summer trips.

3. Brake system control:

Rising temperatures can affect brake performance, especially in high-end vehicles that typically have more sophisticated braking systems. Check the brake fluid level and perform a visual inspection of the brake pads and discs. If you notice excessive or irregular wear, schedule a pad change and verify the need to bleed the brake system to maintain optimal performance.

4. Evaluation of the steering and suspension system:

Summer heat can put a strain on your vehicle’s steering and suspension system components. Perform a visual inspection of the steering joints, shock absorbers, and springs for signs of wear or fluid leaks. If you notice any abnormalities, schedule a more detailed inspection and replace worn components to maintain the stability and handling of your vehicle.

5. Checking the air conditioning and refrigerant system:

Air conditioning is essential to maintain a comfortable environment inside the vehicle during summer. Before high temperatures hit, test your air conditioning system to make sure it cools properly. Additionally, check the coolant level and system pressure to ensure optimal performance. If necessary, top up the coolant and check the tightness of the system to avoid leaks.

These technical tips will help you prepare your high-end vehicle for the summer, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the risk of mechanical mishaps during your trips.

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