Passion, a word that defines the love of classic cars.

The prestigious publication Scientific American says that cars have always been a symbol of individual freedom. When we don’t have a car, we depend on other people to go to certain places or do certain things. The car has always been a symbol of individual freedom.

The independence it offers and the things it allows you to do. That is why it is common, that we never have as much affection for any car as we did for the first one, when everything was new and exciting. We love the experiences lived aboard the car, or for the memory of the things we did or the places we visited thanks to it, and that’s why we love classic cars.

This year the need and the fear of catching the Covid-19 has produced the rejection of collective transport and has allowed many to rediscover the feeling of freedom and to travel by car again. The car is the only médium that guarantees us freedom: the freedom to stop where we want, the freedom to stop in the tiniest village, the freedom to go off the route, the freedom to converse with the local people.

Spain is undoubtedly a great destination for a “Road Trip”, you can explore the Spanish landscapes along its 683,175 km of roads, which connect well-known natural parks with Michelin-starred restaurants and coasts with beautiful mountain roads.
Some of the best road scenery to explore Spain by car are:

  • The coast of Andalusia
  • Mountain route through El Chorro
  • From Santander to Gijón
  • Mountain road in Montserrat
  • The Basque circuit
  • The Jerte Valley
  • Road route along the Costa da Morte
  • Liberty and passion for cars