It is difficult to see a classic car pass by and no turn around, those cars that we have seen so many times in automotive magazines, in series and movies, those dream cars that conquered our hearts.

Among the top 10 classic cars of all time are the MG MGB Roadster and the Jaguar E-Type, two models that we have had the pleasure of restore at Spirits Of Speed Classics.

The MG-MGB Roadster (1962) became a true revolution in the automotive industry, as it was the moment when cars began to be democratized, and the British brand made a British Sports Car accessible to many people who did not have a high budget.

The MG- MGB also stands out for its safe bodywork and is famous for its sporting aspirations. These were evident in the 12-hour race at Sebring in 1967, where it managed to shine and finish first in its category.

The Jaguar E-Type (1961) boasts timeless design, love of detail and the most prestigious engine, the XK, which made Jaguar famous.

The Jaguar E-Type continues to fascinate with its British charm. According to the Daily Telegraph, it is among the “100 most beautiful cars in the world”. Enzo Ferrari once even said that the E-Type was the most beautiful car of all times. And proof of this is that as a work of art it is on display in the Museum Design Collection at the prestigious MoMA in New York City.

Classic car collectors know that any car that has reached the category of a classic car, for years was just a cheap old car, and many times maintenance has been saved and therefore it is essential to have a good inspection and buy a car with a good history of maintenance and bills.

Fortunately, for the fans of this type of car nowadays you can find all the spare parts in stock and it is important to find a reliable maintenance and restoration workshop to allow this type of artwork to be kept in good condition and preserve the original beauty of the classic car as much as possible.