As the Spirits of Family, we are happy to announce that we become distributors of the mythical AC Cobra brand, now reborn with the infamous Cobra model.

The partnership was celebrated with great anticipation and pageantry at the launch event for the new AC Cobra GT Roadster, which took place in the stunning setting of The Vault, Spirits of Speed’s car storage facility. This event attracted a diverse and passionate audience of motorsport enthusiasts.

The highlight of the event was the official presentation of the new AC Cobra GT Roadster by David Conza, (CEO of AC Cars), a model that embodies the very essence of the AC brand. With stunning design and exceptional performance, this vehicle pays tribute to AC Cars’ rich heritage in high-end sports car manufacturing.

AC Cobra GT Roadster Highlighted Features:

  • Ford V8 Coyote engine that offers two power variants; 663 hp with compressor, and 460 without compressor.
  • Classic roadster body design with elegant and timeless lines, highly inspired by the Cobra MKIV.
  • Light and agile chassis for a dynamic driving experience, crafted by GT3 category engineers.
  • Cutting-edge technology that combines retro charm with modern innovation.

During the presentation, David Conza, CEO of AC Cars, shared exciting details about the evolution of the legendary Cobra and the brand’s commitment to high-quality craftsmanship.

Basel Alhatib, CEO and representative of Spirits of Speed, expressed his enthusiasm for this new partnership and highlighted the importance of keeping automotive legends alive. “The AC Cobra GT Roadster is a true icon, and we are excited to add it to our impressive line-up of high-performance vehicles.
At Spirits of Speed, we always seek to bring the best to our customers, and this collaboration with AC Cars is one step further toward that goal.

The event concluded with an elegant reception where guests had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the AC Cobra GT Roadster and discuss their appreciation for quality automotive craftsmanship.

The partnership between Spirits of Speed and AC Cars promises exciting opportunities for luxury sports enthusiasts, and this launch is just the beginning of an exciting adventure.

For more information on the new AC Cobra GT Roadster and upcoming Spirits of Speed activities in collaboration with AC Cars, visit www.spiritsofspeed.com

AC Cobra Price: £240,000 + taxes.

*About AC Cars: AC Cars is a British sports car brand with a rich history dating back more than a century. Known for the iconic AC Cobra, the brand has maintained its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and engineering, creating automobiles that are synonymous with elegance and performance.