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The world's first fully connected e-bikes

Greyp Bikes are creating the world’s first fully connected e-bikes. The company designs, engineers and produces high-end electric bicycles with amazing performance and a unique blend of AI, data gathering and augmented reality.
What started in 2013 as testing the intersection between mobility and technology, grew into a globally recognized tech company. From the US and South America, Europe-wide and all the way to South Africa, Greyp’s e-bikes are now present in over 40 countries and on all continents.
As a sister company of Rimac Automobili, they are setting the standards for e-bike batteries producing some of the strongest on the market and are the industry leaders in smart IoT bike solutions. Greyp connects technology and mobility in their whole range of e-bikes.

Greyp Bikes started when Mate Rimac, the CEO of Rimac Automobili and the creator of the world’s fastest electric hypercars, met Zvonimir Sučić Suki who created the e-moto called Greyborg. Both thought that it would be interesting to create a professional e-bike product and use some of Rimac`s technology. With an idea to reimagine the riding experience and build something completely new, they started utilizing connectivity, sensors and gamification and that’s when Greyp Bikes became a separate entity now run by the COO Krešimir Hlede.

As a company that creates the world’s first connected e-bike platform, Greyp is combining micromobility with connectivity. Greyp built the bike around the electronics, starting with the integrated eSIM that enables internet connectivity, via a built-in communication module with numerous sensors and two integrated cameras. The powerful 700Wh battery, positioned in the middle of the frame enables a longer ride experience. The Greyp e-bike connectivity enables riders to send orders to their bikes, even when the rider and the bike are not in the same location, or remotely acquire photos from the two cameras. The connectivity will eventually allow competition and content sharing in real-time, turning the sensor-packed bikes into a gaming platform. The cameras are always recording, while more than 50 telemetry data are being registered, like the rider's power output, bike inclination, G-force, barometric pressure, or an e-bike motor output.
The Greyp e-bikes run on their own version of a Linux operating system and the bike is seen as a smart product using technology. The user experience is no longer created only by bike generated data, but also by data that can be found online, resulting in a unique fusion of digital and analog. The smartphone becomes an integral part of the bike, the main interface and a medium for over-the-air updates.


The Greyp G6 family
Greyp G6 smart and connected e-bikes are full suspension e-mountain bikes with a carbon fiber composite frame and 150mm travel front & back enduro geometry. The G6 comes in three versions: G6.1, G6.2, G6.3. They all come with the same frame sizes, and while G6.1 and G6.2 versions can go up to 25 km/h on the road and off-road, the G6.3 model can go off-road with a max speed of 45 km/h.
Check out the full specs here.

Greyp G6.X
The Greyp G6.X is a limited-edition bicycle that was made to honour Greyp Bikes automotive heritage. Greyp Bikes followed the path of the super car production and assembled a bicycle from only the finest bicycle parts such as Ohlins fork & rear shock, Magura brakes, wireless seat post & shifter and a set of full carbon wheels. The G6.X comes with the same digital features as G6, 700Wh battery and the full Greyp experience.
Check out the full specs here.

The G5 family
Greyp G5 model is intended for cross-country adventures or winding trails and can be classified as a hardtail. The G5 comes with the same digital features as G6, 700Wh battery and the full Greyp experience. It’s available in two versions: G5.1 & G5.2.
Greyp G12S
The Greyp G12S is a brainchild of people behind the Rimac Concept One hypercar. The G12S combines features from both the motorcycle and the bicycle world. It has pedals along with the throttle and is powered by 12kW of peak power with a battery capacity of 2 kWh, and reaches top speed of 70 km/h. With a carbon fiber cover, fingertip activation, regenerative braking and planetary gearbox, it also has 120 Nm of torque.
Check out the full specs here.

Greyp's combination of smart technologies and performance has been recognized by key players in the bike industry. Setting standards in connected mobility, the G6 won The Eurobike Gold Award for the best e-MTB in 2019 and The Design & Innovation Award in 2020.

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