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Specialists in Rolls-Royce, Rimac and Koenigsegg

Specialists in sales and after sales services for luxury cars

In 2018, Spirits of Speed opened in Barcelona presenting the iconic Rolls-Royce Motor Cars brand in Spain, reflecting its confidence in the growing demand for luxury products in the country.

Because we believe in the future of hyper-electric vehicles, one year later we acquired the Rimac Automobili dealership for the entire Mediterranean region. Rimac Automobili are the manufacturers and developers of the next generation of electric hypercars and high performance transmission systems.

Spirits of Speed also is the new official distributor of the Koenigsegg in Barcelona.
The Koenigsegg Gemera, the "Mega-GT", is the world's first four-seater hyper car; the first hybrid vehicle with a spacious interior and maximum environmental awareness.

Spirits of Speed is part of HZM Corp, an ever-expanding brand that is determined to be synonymous with luxury automobiles by focusing on opening future locations and acquiring luxury vehicles globally.

For Spirits of Speed, service is the definition of true luxury.

In 2018 HZM, Corp took on a bold new challenge to enter the luxury automotive sector.
"The company had only one goal, to bring together my 22 years of experience as a luxury vehicle consumer and the expertise of our Team.
Our journey in the luxury car industry began with the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars dealership in Barcelona. A brand without equal, the name Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is synonymous with refined luxury, a name we use to define everything that is perfect.
Our second dealership is Rimac Automobili, an EV Hypercar company that is paving the way not only for themselves, but also creating technology for other hypercars in the industry.
Spirits of Speed as a brand is designed to continue to grow in existing locations such as Spain, Italy, France, Dubai and future locations such as Japan, the East and West coasts of the United States. We are creating a business that functions as a corporation but is ultimately a family. 
Spirits of Speed will be your ultimate destination if you want to purchase a luxury vehicle. The reason is simple, Spirits of Speed's top priority globally is you, our customer, our family.

Mr. Humair Zafar Maniar, Chairman